The Let Love In tour is not your typical church concert tour. After over 15 years of separating the secular and sacred, Bobby is flipping the script on what a church concert can be.

What makes this concert so different? For starters, it’s not just about a concert. It’s about connecting with churches and highlighting a ministry of each church we visit. As part of the concert, a church will have the opportunity to highlight one of the ministries/organizations in their community which they serve/support. This will provide a unique opportunity to bring more awareness to these ministries while also reminding the community that the church is doing God’s work outside of the walls of the building.

Musically, we are bringing the beauty of the secular into the concert. Alongside new and familiar original music and Christian songs will be a host of well-known secular music meant to inspire, energize, and invite.

“I’ve always presented myself as an artist who is a Christian as opposed to a Christian artist. It has always been my passion to spread the gospel and God’s love through music both in and out of the church walls. But, when I play outside of a church event, I always like to give listeners the opportunity to hear my music – and the positive covers I play – before I label myself a Christian artist. This approach has afforded great opportunities to meet and talk with people who come from all different backgrounds – especially non-Christian – and I’d like to think that the subtle Christian undertones found in my music helps plant a seed in the hearts of those listening, no matter where they come from.”

Two of Bobby’s greatest passions in life are reaching out to people who feel disenfranchised by the church or who have no experience with the church and helping the church to support vital ministries in the community. The Let Love In tour, is designed to do both.

We are booking dates for the tour now, please connect with us! Concerts can be hosted by one church/organization or multiple churches/organizations partnering together. We are always willing to work with you to bring this ministry to your community regardless of budget.